The Maelstrom Runners

The group has gathered at the Inn discussing the last adventures outcomes. A newcomer enters the tavern and quietly listens to their discussions. Taylyn the fighter is giving Balance major side eye and stands to the side talking to the proprietor of the Inn. The wood elf druid, Bear, and Dragonborn, introduces themselves and ask Balance what she’s here for. She introduces herself and Padma Lakshi (the Bard) is extremely interested in her as she’s never seen a Tiefling before and offers to touch her hair!

The travellers find out that Balance is looking for a man known as the Mud Sorcerer who attacked and killed party members of a caravan that Balance was guarding on the road. He and his friends have been raiding caravans up and down the road near Red Larch. The adventures have heard of trouble at Lance Rock and are slated to investigate it. They invite Balance to join which she gladly accepts hoping to learn more about the man she seeks in the process.

The dwarf, Dagobert, brings up a haunted tomb that he’d heard of through who knows what back alley conversations. He’d like to check out and thinks there may be treasure and untold wonders there (his eyes are twinkling as he says this). After much back and forth, the group decides that the potential of the unknown is too great to pass up and heads off to check out the tomb.

They arrive at the tomb to find the door (half open) guarded by a half ogre and a goblin. Bear offers to check it out closer, closes her eyes, and immediately shrinks into a cat! This seems to be a surprise to the rest of the group, but they say nothing (as they needed to be quiet). Though Bear tried to be quiet, as she snuck closer she alerted the guards to her presence. With the rest of the group a a few hundred feet away, they immediately take off towards her to help out.

Taylen has a burst of speed that seems unworldly and juts forward to help out her companion Bear. Though that left her in very close proximity to the guards. At one point during the fight she took a javelin straight to the lung, roared back in a furious rage, ripped it out, and the wound closed! Dagobert called down from the heavens and smote the half orc on the front lawn of the tomb. Though that didn’t stop the goblin from advancing on the party. Balance is trying to get closer but unfortunately her speed is no match for that of Taylen’s.

The group eventually gets the goblin knocked out but not dead and decide to tie him up to a nearby tree to fleece some information out of him. Taylen speaks goblin and offers to interrogate. She slaps him a few times to wake him up and starts talking, the rest of the party hears “ASDGLEurg glrus askdlfjx” so they must wait for her to finish and translate. She nods, stands, and releases the goblin from the tree and turns to the speak to the party. The party is shocked at why she let him go, but she says there is no one inside and they should be fine to enter the tomb. The Dragonborn immediately attempts to shoot the goblin as it runs off into the night but unfortunately fails. Dagobert looks at it once, calls down from the heavens again, and smote the goblin as it just crested over the nearby hill. He turns back to the party and says “let’s go.”

The party slowly enters the tomb and quickly realize that only some of the party members can actually see due to the darkness. Someone quickly lights a torch and they move into the first chamber. As they get to the first chamber, they notice another door and not much else. They move forward to examine the door and as they are opening in, it gets colder and a voice rings out “Who dares to disturb me” and slowly a specter of what appears to be a guard materializes in the room. The Dragonborn, Padma, and Dagobert turn to prepare to the fight the ghost. Bear and Taylen are peering into the room, look back once at the ghost, and head inside.

Meanwhile the fight rages on in the outer chamber. The bard casts Tasha’s Hideous Laughter which seems to have no effect on the ghost. The Dragonborn is locked in combat and the ghost runs a viscous slice that goes through his entire body, the dragonborn steps back and shakes his head as if in a daze. He would later reflect on this moment as the most terrifying moment of his life and realize how close he came to death. The dwarf attempts to call down from the heavens but falters at the last moment and is unable to do so. The bard casts a glance through the doorway, wondering where everyone else is at while they are fighting for their lives! After a grueling battle, the Dragonborn heaves a mighty final blow which dissipates the ghost.

While the fight is happening in the outer room, Balance is drawn to the inner chamber by an unmistakable urge she cannot ignore. She walks into the inner chamber and finds Taylen and Bear standing over a coffin. Bear slides open the coffin and is greeted by a skeleton holding a sword that is curiously not rusted. The sword immediately flies out of the coffin and towards the three adventurers. Any thoughts of helping the others go right out of everyone’s heads as they prep for battle. Taylen brings out her weapon and rushes towards the flying sword. Balance steps back and casts a spell.


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